Baofeng Cheat Sheet

The Baofeng UV-5R is a great cheap little radio, but it's notoriously difficult to use, with poor documentation. Here are some tips and resources I've found to help me use them.

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I've found the following accessories to be useful. These are my recommended brands. Some similar/cheaper things didn't work.

Menu Reference

Note: This guide was originally written for the Baofeng UV-5R, but may work on other models as well. So far this has been confirmed to work on the following models. If you have a different model that you've been able to use with this cheat sheet, please let me know!

Commonly Used Menu Items

0 SQL RF Squelch
2 TXP Transmit power (Tap # to temporarily change power)
11 R-CTCS Receive CTCSS (PL)
13 T-CTCS Transmit CTCSS (PL)
25 SFT-D Repeater Shift Direction
26 OFFEST Repeater Offset (MHz)
27 MEM-CH Save to memory channel
28 DEL-CH Delete memory channel

WTF Menu Items

7 TDR Dual watch (monitor A and B at same time). May change the transmit side – be careful with TDR-AB setting*
34 TDR-AB Side for transmit after receiving a signal when TDR is on
9 TOT Limit transmission time to xx seconds
14 VOICE Voice confirmation of keypresses/menu selections. Choice of English, Chinese, or OFF
15 ANI-ID A coded signal that is sent when an “alarm” is activated. You probably don't need this.
17 S-CODE Sends a DTMF code on transmit/end of transmit
19 PTT-ID Activates the DTMF code on transmit/end of transmit. Best left OFF.
20 PTT-LT Delay before sending PTT-ID
23 BCL Busy channel lockout – prevents transmitting when a channel is busy. (What is "busy"?)
32 AL-MOD Alarm mode.
35 STE Squelch Tail Elimination – squelches tail noise in simplex.
36 RP-STE Squelch Tail Elimination Repeater – squelches tail noise from a repeater (i.e., the courtesy tone)
37 RPT-RL Squelch Tail Delay.
39 ROGER Sends an end-of-transmission tone after PTT release. Turn this OFF or you'll annoy people quick.
40 RESET Resets all settings and erases memories.

Based on a PDF from Jon Perelstein WB2RYV

Programming Guide

Here is a great guide to how to manually program the Baofeng UV-5R, copied below.

How to manually program a simplex channel

How to manually program a repeater channel

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