Baofeng Cheat Sheet

The Baofeng UV-5R is a great cheap little radio, but it's notoriously difficult to use, with poor documentation. Here are some tips and resources I've found to help me use them.

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I've found the following accessories to be useful. These are my recommended brands. Some similar/cheaper things didn't work.

Menu Reference

This PDF from Jon Perelstein WB2RYV describes the abbreviations you'll see in the menu. The abbreviations are listed below as well.

Commonly Used Menu Items

0 SQL RF Squelch
2 TXP Transmit power (Tap # to temporarily change power)
11 R-CTCS Receive CTCSS (PL)
13 T-CTCS Transmit CTCSS (PL)
25 SFT-D Repeater Shift Direction
26 OFFEST Repeater Offset (MHz)
27 MEM-CH Save to memory channel
28 DEL-CH Delete memory channel

WTF Menu Items

7 TDR Dual watch (monitor A and B at same time). May change the transmit side – be careful with TDR-AB setting*
34 TDR-AB Side for transmit after receiving a signal when TDR is on
9 TOT Limit transmission time to xx seconds
14 VOICE Voice confirmation of keypresses/menu selections. Choice of English, Chinese, or OFF
15 ANI-ID A coded signal that is sent when an “alarm” is activated. You probably don't need this.
17 S-CODE Sends a DTMF code on transmit/end of transmit
19 PTT-ID Activates the DTMF code on transmit/end of transmit. Best left OFF.
20 PTT-LT Delay before sending PTT-ID
23 BCL Busy channel lockout – prevents transmitting when a channel is busy. (What is "busy"?)
32 AL-MOD Alarm mode.
35 STE Squelch Tail Elimination – squelches tail noise in simplex.
36 RP-STE Squelch Tail Elimination Repeater – squelches tail noise from a repeater (i.e., the courtesy tone)
37 RPT-RL Squelch Tail Delay.
39 ROGER Sends an end-of-transmission tone after PTT release. Turn this OFF or you'll annoy people quick.
40 RESET Resets all settings and erases memories.

Programming Guide

Here is a great guide to how to manually program the Baofeng UV-5R, copied below.

How to manually program a simplex channel

How to manually program a repeater channel

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