Contact Me

Here are some good ways to contact me directly.


aaronpk on and

My nickname on IRC is aaronpk. If your message is relevant to a channel I'm in, please use that channel. Otherwise a private message is okay too. I am regularly in the following channels, and will see your message even if I am not at my computer.

✉️ Email

You can email me at

🎙 Amateur Radio

I am W7APK on amateur radio.

🔒 Encryption

You can sign any message to me with your GPG key. I prefer to look up your GPG key from your website (over https) rather than from a keyserver.

You can encrypt your email to me with GPG, my key is available here.

F384 12A1 55FB 8B15 B7DD 8E07 4225 2B5E 65CE 0ADD