Portland NET

June NET Simplex Exercise

  • My location: NE 41st & Sandy Blvd
  • Facing West and NorthWest, no visibility in East or South directions
  • Equipment: Kenwood 5W dual-band TH-D72 with Diamond antenna

Tonight I tuned in to the June NET simple exercise, since it's been a couple months since I have joined one.

We started out on the NET-TAC1 simplex channel 147.58 MHz to coordinate regional frequencies. From my location, I could barely hear W7ECC only if I used the "monitor" function. I heard just enough to hear a few digits of the regional frequency. Thankfully AG7FE was coming in louder and he repeated the frequency that we were moving to.

On the NE regional frequency 147.56, I could hear AG7FE but his signal was somewhat faint and also low volume. He was unable to hear me check in initially. I did hear another station KG7SEU loud and clear, and he could also hear me just fine. From what I could hear from the two of them, KG7SEU was coming in scratchy to AG7FE, so I'm guessing I am somewhere in between the two of them.

As I was moving around the apartment, I found one spot that AG7FE sounded much clearer. The next time I spoke I broadcasted from that location, and suddenly he said he could hear me just fine. What I don't quite understand is that location was actually in front of walls, where before I was trying to stand near windows.